OpenAI introduces custom instructions for non-subscribed users- Here’s what you need to know


ChatGPT introduced the custom instructions feature on the 20th of July for premium users. This enabled them to make personalized changes to the portal by altering the responses to their preferences. Now the enhancement is made available for the free users also. Earlier the feature was in a testing stage when it was launched for the premium subscribers.

The custom instructions will allow users to have preferable responses from the AI chatbot. By changing the settings of certain prompts, the AI will generate responses based on the users’ requirements. The portal also made an announcement stating, “Custom instructions are now available to ChatGPT users on the free plan, except for in the EU & UK where we will be rolling it out soon!”

The latest feature will be time-saving for the users as they will not have to repeat the instructions again and again. If they set certain instructions, the chatbot will generate responses accordingly every time users interact with it.


In an earlier report posted by the company, they said, “Through our conversations with users across 22 countries, we have deepened our understanding of the essential role steerability plays in enabling our models to effectively reflect the diverse contexts and unique needs of each person.”

OpenAI states that users will no longer have to pay $20/month for accessing the custom features. The new enhancement has been made free which will consider users’ customized instructions and generate responses depending on it. The feature can also be accessed on Android and iOS by using ChatGPT history off.

To avail of the new feature, users will have to click on their names and select ‘Custom instructions’ to activate it.