Netflix to end password sharing policy in India- Check details


Netflix restricted the password-sharing policy in over 100 countries in May. The streaming platform on Thursday announced that it will also restrain the same order in India and stop users from sharing their passwords with friends. The crackdown will begin on the 20th of July, and individuals will only be able to share their passwords with their families.

The OTT platform even stated that if anybody else is using an account other than a family member, then they will have to shift their profile to a new account. This procedure will also require them to pay and even change their passwords.

Netflix even said in the statement that, a particular account could only be used by the entire household. Every member of the family can get access to the profile anytime and even while they go on vacations and outdoors. While this time they can take benefit of the features like Transfer Profile and Manage Access and Devices.


The streaming giant has even started sending emails to individuals who have been sharing their credentials outside of family, as a part of the crackdown. This decision comes as a disappointment to many customers, but the company has assured us that they are putting in their best efforts to provide a wider range of content. The platform is making commitments to provide multiple options for users pertaining to their certain moods.

In an attempt to attract non-paying subscribers, Netflix has brought up a new policy. This latest feature will allow users to borrow or share their profiles. Users can add additional viewers to their profile, which will cost them a higher rate, and can even transfer their profiles to new accounts.