NEAR Foundation joins forces with Alibaba Cloud to enhance the Web3 process in Asia


NEAR Foundation, a Swiss-based non-profit organization has signed an agreement with Alibaba Cloud for increasing the growth of Web3 in overall Asia and the middle east. The organization revealed on Monday that both firms would work for developing accessible opportunities in Asia.

Alibaba Cloud, a tech-based company had been known for its long history of cloud computing, which is in demand nowadays. The Chinese-based company will give allowance to NEAR Foundation to access their platform, which will enable users to develop more creative applications on the NEAR protocol.

The agreement between NEAR Foundation and Alibaba Cloud will tend to offer remote procedure calls (RPC) to users and developers within the ecosystem engulfed by NEAR. RCP calls ensure that the consumers can access data from the blockchain and send transactions to other networks.


NEAR Foundation aims to encourage more Web3 developers to use its blockchain to cater to their products. While its partnership with Alibaba Cloud also aims to aspire developers from anti-crypto China to engage in the leading Web3 deal.

In addition to that, the infrastructure provided by Alibaba Cloud will give a platform to the developers to use NEAR’s Blockchain Operating System (BOS) to create and connect with others with the help of the ecosystem.

Currently, crypto-based activities are banned in China. Thus, blockchain solutions except for those engaging with crypto-related dealings could amplify a lot of the developers in China.