Delhi Airport launches self-baggage drop facility, reducing waiting time for passengers


The Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL) launched the self-baggage drop facility on Monday for travelers which reduces the waiting time for them from 15 to 20 minutes.

Fourteen self-baggage machines have been installed while including 12 fully automated machines and 2 hybrid ones at the Check-In in Row P of the airport at Terminal 3. The machines have the capacity to cater to up to 3 passengers in a minute.

The facility will be a boon for the passengers as they will be able to check in their own luggage without the help of the security staff. This development will reduce the waiting time for travelers and enhance the overall airport experience. The machines will also be made available for domestic international passengers after mandatory approvals from the government.


The new upgradation is accessible by the masses and for that, they will just have to follow two major steps. After generating their boarding passes, passengers will proceed to the self-baggage drop facility wherein, they will need to scan their boarding passes. Then they will have to announce that their bags do not contain any dangerous items and place their luggage at the designated seat.

Once that is done, the bags will automatically be sent to the sorting area and then to the plane. If the luggage contains weight more than required then the machine will not accept them. At that time, the staff will be there to guide the travelers further.