Microsoft Teams to launch AI-based filters for better user experience- Check details


As the world has become digitalized through online and virtual meetings, people are always concerned about their appearance. It can become more difficult when the meetings come without notice and employees have to look presentable in the least minimum time. To make it convenient for users, Microsoft has launched the latest AI-skilled beauty filters for Teams Users.

Microsoft made an announcement regarding this feature earlier this week which is almost parallel to the filters available on social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat. These filters on Teams’ are made accessible through a collaboration with the cosmetics brand Maybelline.

The beauty app will provide the Teams users with 12 different looks, also with blurring and makeup color options. The significant part about this enhancement is that the shades will be exactly real to the original products. Users will be able to put on makeup virtually, which would save them time and also make them appear decent.


Although, the need for beauty filters in professional meetings seems irrational. But the need is apparent as it reduces the stress of being concerned about our appearances throughout the WFH hours. Other meeting apps like Zoom have in-build beauty features, which are limited to some extent. While in Teams, users will get a better interface by personalizing their looks.

Steps to use the Maybelline app in Teams

  • Click on “Join Meeting”
  • Go to “Video Effects”
  • Then select “More Video Effects”
  • After that scroll down toward the right side and select “Maybelline”
  • There will be a “Filters” option scroll down to view all the looks, and select your favorite one.