Matthew Smith, teacher of Prince William’s son arrested for abusing children in India


Matthew Smith was the former teacher at St Thomas’s Battersea and had also been a tutor for Prince William’s son George. He is being arrested for paying a tremendous amount of cash to teenagers to abuse young children in India. The National Crime Agency arrested him back in November 2022 after he posted an absence video on the dark web.

The investigative agency also found him talking to a teenager from India and asking him to send sexual images of the younger kids. After a thorough search operation, it was been found that he had multiple websites on his computer which were associated with child abuse. Matthew was charged with five offenses and also for the exploitation of children under the age of 13.

During the arrest, the officials also found out that he had paid 65,398 euros to another teenager from India to abuse children. At that time, he was staying in Nepal and working for a school but later on moved back to the UK. According to NCA, he would give certain instructions to fellow teenagers as to how they are supposed to manipulate the kids and offer money as a part of the reward.


The agency had also found images of children which were 120,000 in number on his laptop. Initially, Matthew had pleaded for mercy but then he was charged with 17 other offences. His punishment is due in August.