IOC raises questions for Afghanistan for restricting women and girls to participate in Paris Olympics 2024


The issue of negligence of women’s participation from Afghanistan in the Olympics was raised by the IOC on Wednesday at a meeting. Despite the committee’s severe actions there seems to be no involvement from the country due to the Taliban denying access to playing sports.

The IOC stated that they could even suspend Afghanistan’s Olympic body for taking government interference in the working of the independent sports management. While they will also be supporting the athletes from the country to participate under the Olympic flag and anthem without being associated with their nation. It was a similar case to how Kuwaitis completed their 2016 Olympics game in Rio de Janeiro.

A call took place between the Olympic representative and the director, who was recently appointed for physical education and sports. The conversation has resulted in some written guidelines, said the IOC director for NOC relations James McLeod.


The IOC also remarked that some allowance must be given to girls from primary school to participate in sports and also a first step but was repeated that it is insufficient. Many women who used to be athletes and had competed in sports earlier were being ordered by the Taliban to retrieve themselves. There would be phone calls and visits by them to stop them from taking any further participation. The next meeting regarding the Afghanistan issue will be discussed in October in Mumbai, India.