Koo introduces new features, including 10-profile images, among others.

The locally developed social networking platform Koo announced the debut of four distinctive new features.


On Friday, the locally developed social networking platform Koo announced the debut of four distinctive new features. According to a corporate statement, the software let users to save draughts, schedule Koos, and upload up to 10 profiles.

Koo is short for “tweet”.

Power creators can now schedule a Koo for a future date and time, according to a statement from Koo. Creators who enjoy writing several ideas down at once can schedule them for different times to avoid clogging their followers’ feeds. The save draughts feature can be used by creators who want to continue editing a draught before publishing it. According to Koo’s statement, they would have the freedom to continue editing their posts before publishing.


The social media company claimed that it is available in 10 languages and is used by users in more than 100 countries while attempting to expand its platform’s appeal to a larger global audience.

Koo co-founder Mayank Bidawatka stated, “We are thrilled to announce additional functionality to millions of our customers. In the social sphere, some of these are firsts. The ability for users to post up to 10 profile photographs is something we introduced first. We’ve made it incredibly simple for power creators to schedule Koos for a future date and time and to save a draft. Any other micro-blog does not offer the ability to save a Koo. These features have been well received by users.

Koo, according to the social media site, invented language-based microblogging and helped link the 80% of people in the world who speak a native language. Language translations, a language-enabled keyboard, subjects in 10 different languages, and multi-language Kooing (MLK) are some of the features.

Additionally, it added the ability to edit, as well as features like multiple profile pictures, up to ten image uploads, longer video uploads, and voluntarily self-verification. The platform stated that as part of its ongoing efforts to improve the user experience, it plans to announce a number of new features.

Koo was introduced in March 2020, and according to the platform, it has grown to be the second-largest multilingual microblogging service accessible worldwide.