Jujutsu Kaisen season 2: Finale episode title leaked online


Jujutsu Kaisen season 2 got premiered last week on the 6th of July. The anime is the most-anticipated of the summer 2023 shows and it has incurred a huge number of fan following in recent years with its first season. The latest season will showcase three arcs known as Hidden Inventory, Premature Death Arc, and the Shibuya Incident Arc.

The second episode of the thrilling anime was set to release today and ahead of its release fans have witnessed leaked information regarding the climax part online. The finale episode’s title will be known as Shibuya Incident- Part 18. This is not the first time though that such incident has happened. Before the first episode’s release, the entire episode was leaked and fans have posted certain clips from the episode.

Although, not many audiences were happy with this incident as some decided to watch it during its actual release time. Leaking information is highly unethical as it puts in vain the efforts of the makers who have worked impeccably. These incidents damage their work hard and ample amount of time put into making a single episode. It is advisable for netizens to not share such videos for the betterment of the creators.


The anime has introduced some new faces with the first episode itself such as Kento Nanami, Yu Haibara, Mei Mei, Utahime Iori, Shiu Kong, Masamichi Yoga, and Misato Kuroi. The second season has emphasized Gojo and his early life during the Jujutsu sorcerors school.