Is Shubman Gill capable of becoming the new captain of Team India? Here’s what we know


Shubman Gill is the fast-growing cricketer in modern times and showcased to the world his classic skills through match-winning performances. The 23-year-old serves as an all-rounder, which seems to be a very rare quality in the present time’s players. Shubman has portrayed a massive development in the last 12 months and surely made everyone believe that he can the next captain of the team.

Although the current captain Rohit Sharma has been an asset to the cricket association as of now there’s no suitable candidate for the position of vice-captain, questions are being raised as to who will be elected as the new heir of the Indian cricket team.

In an interview with Hindustan Times, former national selector Bhupinder Singh Sr had revealed that it will be too soon to put such pressure on the young player. Singh served the board from 2005 to 2008 and has precisely seen Gill’s growth as a potential cricketer. He said that Shubman can prove to become a batting legend for the country and also turn out to be a great captain but maybe now is not the right time.


The batsman has done a fantastic job in his T20 and ODI career, but he hasn’t been able to reciprocate the same level of performance in the Test cricket format. Apart from that, he has done a splendid job against Bangladesh last year by scoring a century and even at Gabba, which gives us quite some hope regarding his rising caliber.

Bhupinder Singh said Shubman can be a sensational batsman for the country and in the coming times we can witness him as the best player. He also stated further that, if you are wanting him to become the captain then he should be certainly be picked up in the playing XI for all formats and he shouldn’t turn out to a liability for the team. Shubman should be able to pull the entire weight of the team.