Grendizer U anime’s new teaser trailer released- Check details here


Grendizer anime has returned with a bang as the show is set to premiere in 2024 with the name Grendizer U. The makers of the anime have revealed a new trailer showcasing some insightful scenes from the show. The manga was initially published in Japan from October 1975-1976.

Grendizer Returns in 2024 With Grendizer U Series
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The first television adaptation was aired from October 5th, 1975 to February 27th, 1977. The show had 74 episodes in total and was animated by Toei Animation Studious. It was directed by Tomoharu Katsumata and written by Shozo Uehara.


An anime film was also released on the 20th of December 1975, which was directed by Yoichi Kominato. Another anime film was released in 1976 known as UFO Robot Grendizer: Akai Yuuhi no Taiketsu. The anime has gained huge popularity due to its thrilling plot and action-packed content. It had been liked by many and was religiously followed.

The game was also adapted from the series which was named UFO Robot Grendizer: The Feast of the Wolves. It is developed by Endroad and published by Microids in February 2021.

The upcoming anime Grendizer U will be directed by Mitsuo Fukada while the script will be written by Ichiro Okouchi. Character design will be handled by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto while the music department will be headed by Kohei Tanaka. The show will be animated by GAINA production.