Google to introduce an AI-powered tool to give financial and life advice- Report


Google is speeding towards artificial intelligence technology and is introducing many such developments in recent times. Currently, the tech giant is reportedly working on building an AI tool that will also act as a life coach. According to a report, the tool will be helpful in doing 21 different tasks including offering personal and professional guidance and advice.

Google has been testing its new tool in DeepMind, its in-house AI research lab. Along with that, the company is also collaborating with Scale AI. The life coach tool will be similar to Google Bard and ChatGPT. It will answer queries ranging from different categories and which are related to any of the 21 tasks. In accordance with that, users will receive responses as per their preference.

However, Bard, the company’s AI chatbot also caters to many such necessities, but it lacks in providing health, financial and legal advice. In order to avail of those requirements, Google is working on building another technology. This advancement will help is acting as a life coach, as the name suggests, and provide beneficial responses.


As of now, it is not known if the technology will be inculcated in Bard AI or if it will act as a separate portal. With time Google has been taking the initiative towards making its search engine more powerful and convenient for users. The new advancement would act as a strong statement for the company, ranking it amongst the top AI-based sites.