Google to give an AI-powered upgradation to Assistant- Read


Google is planning on implementing the latest AI generative changes to Assistant, the in-built voice tool for Android phones. The company would reorganize the Assistant feature, which would mainly focus on the language model, helping in giving more prompt responses.

LLM technology is getting prominent which helps in answering text-based questions uniquely and creatively. It can also convert text into images. Google foresee a huge opportunity in how LLM technology would benefit users with more convenient features. The company is currently working on the advancement.

The upcoming upgradation to Assistant would also involve a change in the speech representative, which handles the voice commands. Francoise Beaufays, who had been the head voice will be shifting to work under  Sissie Hsiao.


Google Assistant has become prominent with the viable benefits that come with its usage. It is used in mobile phones, TVs and even smartwatches. The Assistant application runs on pre-written responses for the commands. But with the instalment of AI into the system, it can interact more efficiently and could increase engagement for users on a larger spectrum.