Actor Kumud Mishra refutes the censoring of content on the OTT platform- Read


Actor Kumud Mishra made headlines recently with his surprising performance in Lust Stories 2. He was seen portraying a sexually abusive husband to Kajol. The actor confessed that he was quite sceptical about the role and was confused that whether he would be able to pull it off.

In a recent interview, Mishra shared that when he signs up for a role, the audience is not the base that he keeps in mind. As only big actors can do it, who have imprinted a specific image in the minds of the audience. Also, the viewers live with that role. But for him, the fan base couldn’t be efficient and as the actor he has his challenges.

While talking about the inhibitions that he had about his role and if he would be able to pull it off or not, the actor stated, “There was a fear of failure whether or not I would be able to pull it off or not. But the director showed a lot of belief in me and that’s what gave me the confidence to take the plunge.”


When asked about the awkwardness that people feel by watching vulgar scenes and calling them out, Kumud Mishra said that the audience does have a choice whether or not to watch it. All varieties of work should be made. Nowadays, shows are made ranging from different genres, and there is no lack of choices. People can watch what they feel like. But they do not have a say in deciding what should be made or not and eventually what will hurt which specific audience.

The actor also mentioned that he does not have a problem doing any kind of role. Also, he could say abusive words if the script demands so, but we need to understand why this has been done. Mishra stated that he does not want to do any propaganda relating projects that would create discomfort for people. He is not against censorship of any kind but would stay away from it.