Google introduces open beta for e-signature feature on Drive and Docs- Check details here


Google is currently rolling out many features for boosting engagement and increasing user interface. The company’s aim is to make the platform more convenient for the users to make it easily accessible. In one of its quests, the tech giant has introduced a new e-signature feature as an open beta version on Google Drive and other Google Workspaces.

The feature will enable the users to digitally sign the documents without the need to print and scan the documents. Google introduced it in June of last year as a form of testing the enhancement and collecting responses from individuals. For users of Google Workspaces, the feature is available in open beta to access it.

The company then listed the respective responses from the individuals and based on the feedback, decided to launch the advancement soon. Google has also stated in the Workspaces Updates blog page, that overviewing the reviews, they have decided on forwarding the functionality.


The blog post further even mentioned that the company is also set to introduce a status-checking tab that would help users to keep track of all the documents that they have signed so far.

As of now, the feature will be available for limited Gmail users while other Google-based apps will receive the feature later this year. Though Google Workspaces is a paid platform and it is still not confirmed if the upcoming advancement will be accessible for free Gmail users.