Google Docs gets the latest update for Android users- Read


The California-based company Google has been one of the leading tech-savvy firms all over the world, growing widely among the masses. They are aiming at building new developments and also amending changes to the existing models of their creations so that people can achieve their targets at a much easier and faster pace.

Google recently announced that they are making changes to the Docs app for Android users for a better experience. The organization revealed when the users will open the Docs app they will be able to edit the content instantly as a default feature. This amendment comes after the company announced a new enhancement for the sheets and slides apps on Android phones.

The blog post shared by Google read, “Additionally, the formatting toolbar will be more visible, you will see an I-beam cursor, and tapping once exposes an on-screen keyboard unless a physical keyboard is attached.”


Google also revealed a new feature in sheets that allows users to generate a link, which can be activated by clicking the tab key. When users will copy and paste a link or email address into the sheet or various other links from Drive and Google Maps, they can witness the new development.

In addition to that, Google also announced earlier that the Docs app for Android users will now be in a “paginated mode” by default setting, which creates a better interface between the portal and the masses enabling pages and page breaks in the application.