Experts notice Vladimir Putin’s health ‘black hands’ and indicate his health is not good : Reports

Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, may not be in the best of health, according to a report.


Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, may not be in the best of health, according to a report, after images of weird marks and colours on his hands surfaced online.

According to social media users who claimed to have seen intravenous (IV) track marks on Vladimir Putin’s hands, the Russian president may not be in good condition, according to retired British army officer and member of the House of Lords Richard Danatt.

According to Lord Dannatt, “observers are now noticing that his hands are looking rather black on top, which is a symptom of injections going in when other portions of the body can’t take injections.”


He further added that It’s intriguing to take note of that and to observe whether he truly is as healthy and fit as he would want to appear. It’s a fascinating region to watch.

Additionally, a few months ago, a US intelligence report suggested that Vladimir Putin might have an “advanced type of cancer.”

Vladimir Putin celebrated his 70th birthday last month while facing the greatest challenge to his authority as a result of Russia sustaining significant losses in Ukraine, which led to the most serious conflict with the West since the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis.

In an earlier story, Sky News cited the “General SVR” telegraph channel as saying that Vladimir Putin has been citing “aching pains” prior to crucial war room meetings.

In an effort to maintain a natural posture, Putin held the meeting while stooping forward, according to the article. “(Putin) complained of excruciating pain in the stomach cavity, which could not be swiftly stopped,” it stated.