As China fights the spread of Omicron, millions more people are being imprisoned

As it prepares to host the Winter Olympics next month, Beijing is on high alert for fresh outbreaks, employing a “zero-Covid” approach of targeted lockdowns, border restrictions, and lengthy quarantines.

Even though these efforts have kept the number of new infections significantly lower than in viral hotspots in the United States and Europe, Beijing is currently dealing with local flare-ups in several places.

According to state broadcaster CCTV, 58 new local illnesses were detected in Anyang on Tuesday, raising the city’s overall caseload to 84 since Saturday.

It was unclear whether the new instances were linked to the Omicron strain right away.

Outbound travel has previously been banned in the city, according to local officials, to “prevent the outbreak from spreading to other places.”

At least three cities in Henan are dealing with outbreaks, with Zhengzhou, the provincial capital, suspending schools and kindergartens and prohibiting eateries from taking dine-in customers.
One million people in the city of Yuzhou were ordered to stay at home last week.

In other news, Tianjin, a large port city approximately 150 kilometres from Beijing, has banned individuals from leaving without official authorization, forced all 14 million citizens to be tested, and cancelled trains to the capital.

A citywide mass testing took place in Tianjin. An additional ten new cases near Winter Olympic venues in Beijing and Hebei Province were identified.