Bigg Boss 15: Umar Riaz responds to Geeta’s demeaing comments on him and his profession

Bigg Boss 15 VIP contestant Umar Riaz’s eviction from the house has outraged his fans and they are calling it absolutely unfair. The fans are slamming the makers for being so harsh on Umar.

Umar meanwhile, is extremely overwhelmed by the love and support he’s receiving from his fans.

Prior to his eviction, we’ve seen in the Weekend ka War episode how Geeta Kapur, who came there to support Nishant, slammed Umar for his aggression and she even had the audacity to say that she would never come to see a doctor like him when she needs it.

Umar did not respond to Geeta in the house but after eviction he took to Twitter and wrote “ @geetakapur u have intermingled my profession as a doctor and my behaviour in a reality show and judged me. My rxn has always been on an action towards me which u failed to understand. Its so unfortunate that you tried to demean me on national tv jus to set a narrative about me.” He also added “ @geetakapur maam, ill tell u my inherit nature. When covid hit all India,I was the one working all day night to serve my country and my people without thinking about my health coz that is what I got in inheritance which is to serve and to give and not think about myself.”