A Patiala court affirms a 2-year sentence for human trafficking, leading to the arrest of Daler Mehndi

In a 2003 human trafficking case, the Punjab police detained well-known Punjabi musician, composer, and songwriter Daler Mehendi. During his performances in Canada and the USA, Mehndi used to solicit cash from attendees in exchange for sending them abroad with his dancing company in violation of the law. He had already been given a two-year sentence in 2018.


Daler Mehndi, a well-known Punjabi musician, has been detained by Punjab police after being given a two-year prison sentence in a human trafficking case on Thursday by a Punjabi court in Patiala.

He was found guilty of human trafficking in 2003, and the case was being reviewed following a 2018 sentence in the same court. The court has upheld the earlier judgement. He had previously been given a two-year prison term but was later released on bail.

Mehndi was taken into custody after the judge ordered his immediate arrest.


Following a FIR at the Sadar Patiala police station in 2003, Mehndi was found guilty under sections 406, 420, 120B, 465, 468, and 471 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and the Indian Passport Act. Despite the appeal, the court sentenced the Punjabi singer to two years in prison.

Mehndi, his now-deceased brother Shamsher Singh, and two other people were arrested in a human trafficking case by Patiala police in 2003. The police received 35 further complaints against the well-known musician after the initial one was filed.

Some complainants claim that he stole anywhere between 12 lakh rupees and more from them in exchange for unlawfully shipping them to other countries, primarily Canada and the USA. In exchange for substantial quantities of money, they had made promises to send individuals abroad to perform with their dancing troupes on his foreign programmes.

After conducting a search of Daler Mehndi’s New Delhi office in Connaught Place and seizing several documents, Punjab police discovered a wealth of evidence against him.