8 Countries where prostitution is legal


Prostitution is a word that has been disregarded and looked down upon, for years.

Some countries prefer to completely prohibit it while some tend to provide social security benefits to sex workers and treat them equally just like other workers.

1. Belgium


Belgium has made prostitution legal and has also undertaken appropriate state of the art brothels with fingerprint technology and key cards.

2. New Zealand

New Zealand has declared prostitution as a legal work since the year 2003. There exist licensed brothels in New Zealand functioning under the control of public health and employment laws, which implies that prostitutes get similar benefits as the employees working get.

3. Australia

In Australia, it actually depends on the place. In some places, it is legal and in others, it is not. A similar theory applies to brothel ownership.

4. Austria

Prostitution is all legal in Austria. All the workers are needed to do is just register and go through a periodic health checkup, be of at least 19 years old, and lastly pay taxes. Even when all these things exist, still there are many cases of forced prostitution and smuggling.

5. Bangladesh

Apart from male prostitution, everything else is permitted, including brothel ownership. But this country is deeply ingrained in child smuggling crime which exists due to corruption.

6. Ecuador

Prostitution is absolutely legal in this country. You can be a prostitute, own a brothel or a pimp. Although, forced prostitution still exists here.

7. Canada

You are allowed to prostitute by yourself, but buying sex is strictly prohibited here. This dangerous loophole in law places sex workers in quite a dangerous and risky position sometimes.

8. Cartagena and Barranquilla

Working as a prostitute is completely allowed here, although pimping is prohibited. Prostitution is a much common profession in places like Cartagena and Barranquilla.