Hairstyles for girls with shoulder length hair

Top shoulder length hair hairstyles for girls.


Get a new haircut, and you’ll be able to stylishly transform your look. Most of us think that good hairstyle can be done only on long hair length however this is a myth. Even girls with shoulder-length hair can have amazing hairstyles. Most of the girls have medium hair length as it is highly difficult to maintain long hair.

1. Long bob with side bangs hairstyle


This is a conventional style for medium-length hair which makes you look fashionable and comfortable. Whether it is a friendly dinner with a friend or a board meeting with the executives, this hairstyle is suitable for all occasions.

2. Shoulder length hair with layers hairstyle

Layers make your hair appear voluminous and make you look sassy. Complete the hairstyle by blowing off your hair for a smooth astonishing look, as you see in the picture.

3. Layered bob hairstyle

If you have a slim figure and prefer wearing western clothes then go with this hairstyle. This chic haircut will exponentially increase your style quotient, particularly if you are looking for a haircut for your round face.

4. Classic uniform length hairstyle

If you are someone who loves chic and timeless patterns then this is a right hairstyle for you. A pro-tip is to cut your hair with trimmers rather than with scissors.

5. Straight blunt lob hairstyle

In the straight blunt lob, your tresses are styled to create a trendy look. The super smooth tresses will help you to get en edgy feel. Straightening hair will make it look more fascinating. Use a smoothing serum or a little hair oil on your damp hair and then dry it completely. Use a flat paddle brush to make the ends identical.