Westminister council invents ‘splash back’ paint to prevent public urinators


According to the Local Democracy Reporting Service, the council will implement the paint in five more areas of Westminster in central London, which splashes back on people who urinate on it.

The Westminster City Council started a campaign in response to complaints from locals. Since the lockdown ended, the council has been shelling out £950,000 annually to clean up after an increase in incidents. The programme will also put an emphasis on fining those who are observed relieving themselves in public. Additionally, there will be public posters with QR codes that direct people to the closest restrooms and warn them against urinating in public.

Soho Society chairman Tim Lord previously said: “There are hundreds of drunk people who meet at pubs in Soho. It’s extraordinary we don’t have more public toilets.

“On Houston Street, residents just get people urinating on their doors. It’s awful.”