Top 10 best Korean web series to watch in 2022

We present to you some of the best Korean web series to watch in 2022.

Korean movies, dramas, and web series have become the talk of the town. In this modern time, beating several film industries around the globe Koreans have given some excellent web series. We present to you some of the best Korean web series.

Top 10 best Korean web series:

1. Squid Game 

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Squid Game is one of the best Korean web series available on Netflix. Directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk the series stars Lee Jung-jae, Park Hae-soo, Wi Ha-joon, HoYeon Jung, O Yeong-su, Heo Sung-tae, Anupam Tripathi & Kim Joo-ryoung. The plot is based on a game where contestants have to survive to earn rewards. Squid Game is the most-watched series on Netflix. The web series has also won some major awards including the Golden Globe Awards.

2. It’s Ok to Not Be Okay 

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It’s Ok to Not Be Okay is a romantic drama series directed by Park Shin-woo. The story is based on a selfless psychological ward caretaker & an antisocial children’s book writer. The series stars  Kim Soo-hyun, Seo Yea-ji, Oh Jung-se and Park Gyu-young as the main characters. It was nominated for the Emmy Awards in the category of Best Miniseries. The series is available on Netflix.

3. Sweet Home

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Sweet Home is a South Korean apocalyptic horror series available on Netflix. The series is based on a webtoon of the same name. The plot revolves around a boy who with his neighbour tries to survive in a world where humanity has fallen.

4. Vagabond

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Vagabond is a spy thriller South Korean series directed by Yoo In-sik. It stars  Lee Seung-gi, Bae Suzy and Shin Sung-rok. The story involves a stuntman whose plane crashes & then he ends up discovering a national scandal.

5. Crash Landing on You

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Crash Landing on You is a romantic drama directed by Lee Jung-hyo, starring Hyun Bin, Son Ye-jin, Kim Jung-hyun & Seo Ji-hye. The story revolves around a South Korean heiress who while paragliding ends up in North Korea where she meets a military captain who tried to hide her & over time they both fall in love. This is one of the most-watched Korean dramas of all time.

6. Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung

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Directed by Kang Il-soo & Han Hyun-hee, the series is a historical romance drama. Starring Shin Se-kyung & Cha Eun-woo the plot is based on a free-spirited female historian who falls in love with the prince of the royal court. The series is available to watch on Netflix.

7.  When the Camellia Blooms

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When The Camellia Blooms features Gong Hyo-jin, Kang Ha-neul, Kim Ji-seok, Son Dam-bi and Kim Kang-hoon. The plot revolves around a single mother who migrates to a town & starts her bar named Camellia. A jolly policeman falls in love with her & then things take a turn in her life. The series is available on Netflix & is one of the most-watched Korean miniseries.

8. Chief of Staff

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Chief of Staff is a South Korean political drama. Th story depicts how a person misuses his power for his benefit. The series stars Lee Jung-jae, Shin Min-a, Lee Elijah, Kim Dong-jun, Jung Jin-young, Kim Kap-soo, Jung Woong-in, Im Won-hee, Jung Man-sik, Park Hyo-joo & Jo Bok-rae.

9. Kingdom

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Kingdom is a South Korean historical drama based on the webtoon, The Kingdom of the Gods. It is Netflix’s first original Korean series. The plot is set in a historical era where a deceased king gets revived & sudden mysterious plague speeds across the land, a young prince embarks to destroy the evil.

10. Romance Is A Bonus Book

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Romance Is A Bonus Book is based on a life of a successful writer who gets involved deeply in the life of his childhood friend. The series is directed by Lee Jeong-hyo starring Lee Na-young & Lee Jong-suk.

These were the top 10 best Korean web series to watch in 2022.