Reliance Jio launched its new 4G phone for Rs 999- Check details inside


Reliance Jio has launched its new 4G mobile phone at a reasonable price of Rs 999 and is called Jio Bharat. The phone is released on sale on the 7th of July. It will majorly cater to the small half of the population who cannot afford smartphones, while this phone will provide basic features with the advancement of the internet.

The device is being launched in order to remove people from the 2G era in the country and move people towards the latest technology. Along with the phone, Reliance Jio has also launched an affordable data plan which is known as the Jio Bharat Mobile Plan.

Around one million units are available of the phone and they will also be provided as a part of the beta trial in 6,500 tehsils. If u want to buy online, you can visit Reliance Digital Store, Jio Retail Outlet, and other retail outlets situated in your nearby areas.


Jio Bharat Phone comes in two models- Jio Bharat V2 and Jio Bharat K1 Karbonn. The former mobile phone is developed by Reliance whereas the latter one is developed in partnership with Karbonn, a smartphone company.

Jio Bharat V2 comes in two colors such as Ash Blue and Solo Black. It has a rear camera and is installed with a headphone socket, which gives high-quality music. The internet plan can also help them make payments with the help of UPI and can watch movies on the default Jio apps.

On the other hand, Jio Bharat K1 Karbonn is available in two single colors grey and black. The phone has a Bharat logo on the front side and a Karbonn logo on the backside. It comes with a rear camera and also helps in making online payments through the JioPe app. Users can also watch sports and other entertainment channels on the Jio Cinema app.

Reliance Jio also launched a mobile pack for these phones known as Jio Bharat Mobile Plan. The plan provides 500 MB of data per day with the benefit of unlimited calling in a month and is priced at Rs 123/month. Users will receive 14 GB of internet data in a month. While an annual plan is also available which provides 168 GB of data in a year and costs around Rs 1,234.