Microsoft to launch passkey system on password-protected sites for Windows 11 users


Microsoft is testing on bringing passkey systems into Windows 11 laptops/PCs that will help users to log into password-protected websites by just using face or fingerprint recognition instead of using long passcodes. Since most companies like Apple and Google have upgraded to passkey means of privacy, Microsoft has also decided to launch a one-step further advancement for the users.

The Windows 11 Preview Build 23486 is releasing the Windows Hello integration for passkeys, available on the portal. The new application will be supported by any website that has passkey enabled system. Users will also be given the option to give the passkey saved on Windows or their phones. If they are unable to access Windows Hello then phones can be used.

In order to use passkeys on Windows 11, users will have to visit the designated website of their choice that supports passkeys. Initially, they will have to log in with the help of their passwords and ID and after logging in, they can go to settings and create a passkey. Next time, when they will log in again, the portal will show a passkey format instead of a passcode. Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome users will have to check for the “Windows Hello or external security key” option that will help them get access to Windows Hello Credentials.


A passkey system has been introduced in order to make our data more confidential. For most users, it is unable to keep track of many passwords now-a-day as each and every website and the app asks for security updates. In that case, most of us tend to save a password that is easy for us to remember while more beneficial for the hackers to crack it.

While, passkeys are not meant to be remembered, as the data is stored in default and we can get access to most of the apps and websites with just a fingerprint scan or face recognition, which is at times difficult for hackers to decode.