Government launches action against e-cigarette selling websites- Check details


The consumption of e-cigarettes is strictly prohibited in India, still, there are many websites that have been selling them for a long time. To curb these actions, the government has launched action against these sites. The Union Health Ministry had filed notices against 15 websites that sell e-cigarettes. They have also been restrained from doing the sale and continuing the ads of their products.

Along with that, the government is also having a watch out on six other websites. They are also examining the sale of e-cigarettes on social media pages and may soon launch a notice against them.

Press Trust of India has also stated in the matter that if these websites do not abide by the restrictions or show full cooperation then the health ministry will inform the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology to shut these websites down.


As soon as the notice was issued, the websites were given a deadline of 36 hours to give their response. Out of 15 websites, only four of them have shared the response and seized their sales operations. The ministry is still waiting for the responses from other online websites within the given time frame. If they fail to submit any response then the sites will be charged with serious offences.

The sale of e-cigarettes has been restrained under the Prohibition of Electronic Cigarettes Act which was enacted in 2019. Under section 4 of the respective act, the illegal sale of e-cigarettes has also been restricted.

Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan said that e-cigarettes are easily accessible to children are is also easily available. In May, they had also filed notice against distributors, producers, manufacturers, advertisers, importers, and other such entities who acquire or sell cigarettes on a direct or indirect basis.