Google faces legal action for allegedly using consumer’s data- Details Inside


Google faced a severe lawsuit on Tuesday that accuses the firm of scraping data of multiple users without the consent of the users. The tech giant allegedly violated copyright laws for the development of its artificial intelligence model. The class action lawsuit was filed by Clarkson Law Firm in California court against Google, its parent company Alphabet, and its AI subsidiary DeepMind.

As per the report posted by CNN, Google has utilized consumer data which have been shared and liked by them on multiple servers. The case states that the firm has committed copyright infringement by extracting users’ data for the development of its AI model which also includes chatbot Bard. This data contains private information and the firm has taken advantage by using consumer’s digital footprints.

Meanwhile, there is no response by Google against this lawsuit. Last week, the firm also updates its privacy policy and remarked that it can use the publicly available data for the purpose of training its AI models. The new policy according to Google will allow them to use data that is accessible publicly. The information will then be used to train Bard and other AI-based products.


One of the attorneys from the Clarkson Law Firm who is also indulged in filing the lawsuit, Tim Giordano stated in an interview with CNN that publicly available data does not mean that the data is free to be used as per anyone’s wishes. He added further, “Our personal information and our data are our property, and it’s valuable, and nobody has the right to just take it and use it for any purpose.