Facebook and Instagram to stop the access of news to Canadian citizens on their platforms


The parliament of Canada passed a bill on Thursday known as the Online News Act, which orders big platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Google to compensate the publishers for the content that has been posted on their portals.

Meta released a statement on Thursday even before the bill has been enforced that, the news availability will be ended on Facebook and Instagram for all Canadian users. They have also said that news doesn’t hold economic value for their sites and masses do not use the apps for consuming news.

In 2021, a similar law was introduced in Australia, and at that time, the people there were restricted to watching the news on Facebook. Meta has even claimed that the law is fundamentally flawed legislation and it is completely negligent as to how our portals work.


Meanwhile, Google has stated that the law is “unworkable” in the current context. Although, it also said that it would interact with the Canadian government for finding a solution. Pablo Rodriguez, Canadian Heritage Minister has said that they have organized a meeting with Facebook and Instagram for further discussions but that wouldn’t stop the government from implementing the bill.

The federal government says that the law has been enacted to ensure fairness in the country’s digital market and to allow struggling news organizations to secure compensation for the news that had been posted on the platforms. The Online News Act is expected to come into effect in 6 months.

Paul Deegan, who is the president and chief executive officer of News Media Canada has revealed in a statement that “Real journalism, created by real journalists, continues to be demanded by Canadians and is vital to our democracy, but it costs real money.”