Check out some most bizzare rules the Royal Family must follow


The life of a royal is not all fun and games, however, some of the rules of being a royal may surprise you. There are several rules that must be strictly followed. Some of these rules are more strictly enforced than others, yet each has a purpose. Let’s take a look at some of the most bizzare rules of the Royal Family.

1. No Politics

The Royal Family are forbidden from participating in the democratic process or expressing their political opinions. King Charles is the Head of State and the Church of England, hence he must remain totally neutral when it comes to politics.


2. Two Heirs Cannot Fly Together

That is just in case something tragic occurs. Once Prince George (second in line to the throne after Prince William) reaches the age of 12, he will be required to fly separately from his father.

3. Traveling abroad? Pack all black

Every member of the Royal Family must carry an all-black dress while travelling abroad or on Royal duties. What’s the reason? So, in the unfortunate situation of a sudden death occurs, the Royals will be dressed appropriately for the occasion. A grim rule, but one that makes sense anyway.

4. They Leave The Table Discreetly

When a royal has to use the toilet during dinner, they do not announce it to the table. Instead, they apparently simply say, “Excuse me,” and that’s that.

5. There’s A Strict Dress Code

The royal family is expected to dress modestly and never to appear overly casual.