Top 5 sexy Korean movies to watch in 2022

We present you the top 5 sexy Korean dramas to watch in 2022.

Nowadays Korean movies & dramas have become widely popular. The success of the Korean film lies in their out of the box script & content. You might have watched various Kdramas but here we present you the top 5 sexiest Korean movies.

Top 5 sexy Korean movies:

1. The Treacherous 

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The Treacherous is based on a historic drama, which revolves around a King who treats his subjects as objects of pleasure. The film stars Ju Ji-hoon, Kim Kang-woo & Cheon Ho-jin as the main characters.

2. The Housemaid

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This is one of the most famous Korean films in the sexy genre. The plot is based around a maid who was hired by a couple for helping with household chores but later the husband develops an affair with the maid. The movie has sensual & thrilling scenes.

3. A Frozen Flower

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A Frozen Flower is one of the few Korean films that is made on homosexuality & bisexuality. A homosexual king who is unable to give an heir to the throne orders his beloved bodyguard to have a child with his wife i.e. the queen. Soon things take an unprecedented turn as they both start to love each other. The picture is directed by Yoo Ha & starring Jo In-sung, Joo Jin-mo and Song Ji-Hyo in the story.

4. The Handmaiden 

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The Handmaiden is directed by Park Chan-Wook starring  Kim Tae-ri, Yong-nyeo Lee, Min-chae Yoo, Dong-hwi Lee. The story is inspired from the novel, Fingersmith.

5. Thirst

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Thirst is the first South Korean film to be jointly produced by Hollywood. It is based on the novel Therese Raquin by Emile Zola. A priest was selected for an experiment but things take turns when it goes wrong. The priest turns into a vampire who cannot survive without sucking blood. Kang-ho Song, Kim Ok-bin and Hee-jin Choi are featured as the main characters.

These were the top 5 sexy Korean films.