Stock trading platforms of Zerodha and Upstox are experiencing connectivity difficulties

Cloudflare is presently experiencing problems in India, which may cause some services to be unavailable for a short time.


On Tuesday, online brokerage firm Zerodha said it is receiving reports of intermittent connectivity troubles on Kite via the Cloudflare network for users on specific ISPs, and advised them to try a different internet connection.

“We are getting reports of intermittent connectivity issues on Kite via the Cloudflare network for users on certain ISPs. We are taking this up with Cloudflare. In the meanwhile, please try using an alternate internet connection,” said Zerodha in a tweet.


Another brokerage trading platform Upstox also tweeted “Our CDN partner, Cloudflare is currently experiencing issues in India, due to which some of our services may be temporarily inaccessible.”