Spotify to introduce a slew of tools for the podcaster’s benefit- Read


Podcast culture has taken a leap in India in recent years. It has become a community adhering to conversations ranging from politics to love relationship advice. The medium has outgrown and become a hub of knowledge and entertainment for many. It majorly became popular with the uprising of Spotify, Apple podcast and Amazon Music.

Apple Podcast recently introduced a number of features in order to empower podcasters. The tools include Linkfire integration and subscriber analytics. On Wednesday, Spotify also released several tools for podcasters joining the suit. The announcement was made at the Podcast Movement conference held in Denver.

Austin Lamon, the company’s product director stated the tools for podcasters. According to a media agency, the new advancement will allow the creators to customize their pages. They can even add links to their social media accounts and write their bio and additional information. Another benefit is that podcasters will now have the choice to select previews from a particular podcast. The selected part will then feature in the preview section.


Spotify for Podcasters view page will allow them to see monthly impressions of each episode. It can also be analyzed to see the impression of the entire page. The app will also ensure Podcasters as to how their channel is discovered and consumed by the listeners. They can even suggest users with other episodes and pages by adding content to “Creators recommendations.” Podcasters can also guide users on how to begin listening on their page.

Moreover, the app’s Megaphone platform will be integrated with Spotify Audience Network Performance Dashboard. This upgrade will help enterprises check listeners’ impressions along with cost per 1000 impressions (CPM).

Spotify will also introduce an analytics feature for the podcasters helping them to check their monetary profits and revenue from subscriptions.