Sohail Khan and Seema Khan file for divorce


Sohail Khan’s marriage with Seema Khan has hit the rock bottom as the two have filed for divorce today. Both were spotted outside the family court in Mumbai leaving separately.

“Sohail Khan and Seema Sachdev were present in the court today. They have filed for a divorce. Both were friendly towards each other.” said a source.

Seema and Sohail were seen on the fourth floor of the family court complex. They appeared in front of Judge Maqdoom so that he could complete the verification process of their divorce application. The couple is yet to released an official statement about their divorce.


Sohail and Seema got married in 1998 and have two kids Nirvaan and Yohan. Back in 2017, there were rumours suggesting the couple is headed towards a divorce. In the show “The Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives’, Seema and Sohail were seen living separately and their kids were shuttling between their houses. The show also affirmed the rumours of the two not living together.

Talking about her relationship with her husband Sohail in one of the sequences on the show, Seema had said, “It’s just that sometimes when you grow older, your relationships meanders and goes into different directions. I make no apologies about it because we are happy and my kids are happy. Sohail and I are not a conventional marriage but we are a family. We are a unit. For us, him and me and our children matter at the end of the day.”