SoftBank in talk with 5 Indian startups, may invest up to $100 million in each


Japanese based tech investor SoftBank is in talks to five Indian based startups, which are valued at around $400 to $500 million, to pump in money and help the startups with their further growth and lead them to be a unicorn, which is a privately owned startup valued at $1 billion or more.

SoftBank is looking forward to investing in Business-to-Consumer (B2c) enterprise and media sector. The Tokyo based investment bank is planning to infuse around $100 million in each of these startups, which is much higher than its earlier participation in Indian startups, as per Business Standards, citing anonymous sources.

The reports come in as the startups are facing the so called ‘funding winters’ as they are struggling to raise capital due to the fact that the investors have tighten their purse, as a caution to growing uncertainties and the fear of recession in the West.


SoftBank is also exploring its options to invest in companies where the existing investors wish to sell off their stake due to the stalled of planned initial public offering (IPOs). The report added that if such opportunities are available, the tech investor can also consider to infuse more than $100 million.