Russia’s St. Petersburg explosion causes a giant firestorm to erupt with “massive” flames

Russia’s St Petersburg witnesses’ huge flames and dense plumes of foul smoke could be seen rising into the air.


Over St. Petersburg today, huge flames and dense plumes of foul smoke could be seen rising into the air. On Twitter, local sources reported the loud explosion and questioned whether a typical fire or another form of explosion was to blame for the flames.

One said: “Is St. Petersburg on fire, or what? Such an image or sound has never occurred to me. A LARGE flame”

A video of the incident in Vsevolozhsk, a residential suburb about 24 kilometres (15 miles) east of St. Petersburg, showed flames shooting into a mushroom cloud in the air over what appeared to be a wooded area.


According to state media, the explosion was brought on by a gas pipeline explosion in the Leningrad region. It occurs just hours after an explosion brought on by a gas leak in a residential building on the Russian island of Sakhalin killed at least nine people, including four children.

The explosion took place in Sakhalin, an island that is part of Russian territory and is located in the Pacific Ocean north of Japan.

Around 5.30 this morning local time, a gas cylinder burst in one of the units. According to a local website, tvzvezda, medical personnel are apparently working in the home’s courtyard and operating on casualties nearby.

In case there are any further bodies trapped, rescuers are scouring the debris. The operation involves more than 50 individuals, including volunteers.

33 residents were confirmed to have resided in the building, although three are reportedly still missing. According to tvzvezda, drones and aircraft were utilised to find the victims.