Radhika Apte recently revealed that she was recently turned down for a role because the other actress had larger breasts and fuller lips

Radhika Apte recently disclosed that she was recently denied for a movie because the other actress had larger breasts and fuller lips while pointing out the odd and outright sexist reasons for being rejected for projects.

In her 17-year acting career, Radhika Apte has made a place for herself by playing difficult and unique parts. Despite the fact that the business has made progress in terms of gender equality, the actress said that she was recently rejected because the other actress had larger breasts and fuller lips.

Radhika told Mid-day about the strange and outright sexist reasons for getting turned down for projects. She said, “I recently got rejected because the other actor had bigger lips and bigger breasts. I was told, ‘She looks sexier, and sells more’. It was a good film being made by people whom I respect. You look up to [certain people], and think, ‘They won’t be into this’. But they also [have such a mindset]. Hopefully, the more women we have in [positions of power], the more things will change.”

Radhika also said in another interview with Film Companion that she was told to get all types of ‘jobs’ done to meet the industry’s beauty standards. “I had that pressure before. When I was new, I was told to do lots of jobs on my body and face. First meeting I had, I was told to change my nose. Second meeting I had I was told to get a boob job. Then that continued, then I was told to do something to my legs, then something to my jaw, and something to refill somewhere here (points to her cheeks) then botox. Like, it took me 30 years to color my hair. I’m not going to get even an injection. It just put me off. I never felt pressurised by it. In fact, I felt angrier and in fact all of that helped me actually love my body even more because I was like ‘I love my body,’”