PM Modi calls for penalising nations sympathising terror, highlights India’s role in counter terrorism

In an apparent reference to Pakistan, Prime Minister Narendra Modi called on Friday for sanctions against nations that support terrorism.


In an apparent reference to Pakistan, Prime Minister Narendra Modi called on Friday for sanctions against nations that support terrorism through their foreign policies by giving political, ideological, and financial support to the terrorist organizations. He emphasised the importance of isolating organisations and people who are sympathetic to terrorists while asserting that India is helping to build momentum against the funding of terrorism.

“Terrorist organisations get money through several sources. One source is state support. Certain countries support terrorism as part of their foreign policy. They offer political, ideological, and financial support to them,” he said in his inaugural address at the No Money for Terror (NMFT)’s third ministerial conference.

Modi said international community must not think that the absence of war means peace. “Proxy wars are also dangerous and violent.” He asked the international community to unite in the fight against terror. “There can be no ifs and buts in such matters. The world needs to unite against all kinds of overt and covert backing of terror.”


Modi said there are still certain mistaken notions about terrorism. “The intensity of the reaction to different attacks cannot vary based on where it happens. All terrorist attacks deserve equal outrage and action. …indirect arguments are made in support of terrorism to block action against terrorists.”

According to Modi, there is no room for ambiguity when addressing a global menace. “Terrorism is an attack on humanity, freedom, and civilisation. It knows no boundaries. Only a uniform, unified and zero-tolerance approach can defeat terrorism.”

Without a more comprehensive plan to stifle terrorism’s funds, the tactical victories against it will be lost. “Fighting a terrorist and fighting terrorism are two different things. A terrorist may be neutralised with weapons. Immediate tactical responses to terrorists may be an operational matter. But tactical gains will soon be lost without a larger strategy aimed at hurting their finances.”

Terrorism, according to Modi, is a network of people and organisations rather than one individual terrorist. “Uprooting terrorism needs a larger proactive response. If we want our citizens to be safe, then we cannot wait until terror comes to our homes. We must pursue terrorists, break their support networks, and hit their finances.”

According to Modi, their goal is to unite the entire world in advancing the fight against terrorism. “The delegates have a chance to interact with a country and people who have been firm in tackling terror. …even a single attack is one too many. Even a single life lost is one too many. So, we will not rest till terrorism is uprooted.” Modi highlighted India’s role in the war on terror.