Pankaj Tripathi believes that Bollywood determines an artist’s worth too quickly

In a recent interview with Bollywood Hungama, Pankaj Tripathi has stated what aspects of the Hindi film industry he would want to see changed.

Actor Pankaj Tripathi has expressed his desire to modify one aspect of the Hindi cinema business. In a recent interview, Pankaj stated that individuals in the profession make ‘too quick’ decisions about a person’s worth. He stated that everyone should be given the same chances. People have preconceptions regarding the film industry, according to Pankaj.

In an interview with Bollywood Hungama, Pankaj said, “There are a lot of obstacles, challenges, competition, insecurity but despite that, I’m here working on my terms and conditions and people have accepted me. I’ve respectfully refused films of big production houses that ‘No, this isn’t exciting me’ and the other person has accepted it.”

He then added, “But yes again several times I would like to change about this industry that you decide the value of the artist too quickly. Don’t decide the value, try to give everyone equal opportunities. But again, be it a business or the industry it is difficult to say that everyone should get equal opportunity. Because it’s a business, how will everyone have the same opportunity?… But yes several times, talents like me need a while to arrive in the film industry. At times, people more talented than me are still in a queue finding their own space.”