MetaX has filed a trademark lawsuit against Facebook’s Meta

A trademark dispute was filed against MetaX LLC, a business that develops immersive virtual reality experiences, in a Manhattan court by Facebook owner Meta.


MetaX LLC, a business that develops immersive virtual reality experiences, filed a trademark action against Meta Platforms Inc, the owner of Facebook, in Manhattan federal court on Tuesday for allegedly stealing its term for its shift to the metaverse.

The New York City Facebook’s redesign caused MetaX to claim in court that it had been “crushed” and that its “ability to operate as Meta has been eviscerated.”

It claimed that Meta Platforms had violated its federal “Meta” trademarks and asked the court to issue an injunction prohibiting the social media firm from using “Meta” in connection with products and services that conflict with those of MetaX as well as an undetermined sum in monetary damages.


In October 2021, Meta Platforms changed its name from the name of its social networking service in a wager that the metaverse, a communal virtual space, would eclipse mobile internet.

MetaX’s founder, Justin “JB” Bolognino, said in a statement that Meta Platforms had “not only put our business in jeopardy, but that of the entire industry and the intellectual property rights of the innovators that have helped build it.”

An inquiry for comment from Meta Platforms did not immediately receive a response.

Utilizing tools like virtual reality and augmented reality, MetaX focuses on “experiential and immersive technologies.”

The business said in the lawsuit that it and Facebook had talked about collaborating in 2017 and that a Facebook executive had called one of MetaX’s experiences from that year “wonderful” and “fantastic.”

It has begun offering comparable “immersive experiences” at some of the same locations where it hosted its exhibits, including Coachella and South by Southwest, according to MetaX, which claimed that Meta Platforms’ new focus on the metaverse and related VR and augmented-reality technology overlaps with its business.

According to MetaX, Meta Platforms’ redesign will drive it out of the market and has already led some consumers to believe the two businesses are related.