List of enemy countries of India

We present to you a list of the enemy countries of India.

The world’s 7th largest country, the world’s 2nd most populated country, the world’s largest democracy, India is situated in the southern part of Asia. Surrounded by the Indian Ocean to its south & the majestic Himalayan range to its north, India shares borders with several countries.

From carrying on its legacy from the times of the ancient Harappan civilisation to seeing the rise & fall of empires & sultanates, it took a lot to build what India is today. The Republic of India has always propagated the idea of peace but that’s not the same for the world. There are countless who see India as their enemy & keep on executing plans to destroy India. Let’s take a look at the enemy countries of India.

Enemy countries of India:

1. Pakistan

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan was formed in 1947 after partition from India. India & Pakistan were one but now they have separated & become rivals. The main cause of this rivalry is the Kashmir issue. Kashmir is situated in the northern part of India, Pakistan claims that Kashmir belongs to it. Apart from this, there are several radical terrorist groups in Pakistan that hates India & keep on attacking the sovereignty of the country. The citizens from both the countries hate as well as love each other & want to have friendly ties between them.

2. China

China, that has become a supreme power is one of India’s enemies. As there are constant attacks on India from its north. China has already occupied several areas along India’s border. The economic titan has made it clear that it will never stop its expansion campaigns. Being the world’s largest economy & the largest manufacturer, the globe is highly dependent on China. Making use of this dependency China has already made several countries its puppets. India has started the ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ (Made in India) campaign to decrease its dependency on China. The Government of India has also banned several Chinese companies from trading in India.

These were the enemy countries of India.