In the midst of the crypto meltdown, Binance posts a picture to mark its fifth anniversary

For its fifth anniversary, Binance posted a photo with the caption, “I’m not sure if I want to eat or show these. It’s too gorgeous.”


The biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, Binance, posted a photo on Instagram to mark its fifth birthday with the caption, “it’s too gorgeous, not sure if I want to eat or exhibit them.”

That occurs in the midst of a dramatic cryptocurrency collapse that many are referring to as a “crypto winter” and a “death spiral.”


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With around 120 million users globally, Binance also tweeted on Friday that its registry in Spain will allow it to provide custody and exchange services for crypto assets in that nation while adhering to regulations laid forth by the central bank.

Given that France and Italy recently added Binance to their national registry and that the European Union is preparing new regulations for the industry, the Spain registration indicates that Binance is gaining pace in Europe.

According to new laws adopted last week by the EU to control a volatile market, cryptocurrency companies will need a licence and client safeguards to produce and sell digital tokens in the European Union.