Flora Saini: “Post my web show Gandii Baat breaking records, I was offered a lot of roles on the same lines”


Actress Flora Saini is no more stranger to being typecast in similar roles as is the norm in showbiz. She says that is any day better than individuals not even recognising you.

“Post my web show Gandii Baat breaking records, I was offered a lot of roles on the same lines. That was a big compliment. I have seen a time where people didn’t know I existed. Now everybody knows. I had said no to a lot of work post that,” says the actress.

She portrayed the character of a ghost in Stree, which was astounding on the grounds that she agreed to a role wouldn’t even be visible. “I did that in an industry where everyone wants to look beautiful. Logon ne kaha ‘yeh role kyun kiya, shakal nahi dikhi’ Then when I did Gandii Baat, the same people said ‘why did you do that role, you were too bold’ Logon ka kaam hai kehna. I replied to them ‘isn’t that the happiness of life. That was a phase after Gandii Baat, I had no image, I was just an actor doing her work,” adds Saini, saying every actor ‘is waiting for that one Friday which can change everything around’.


The situation she says is better now. “I am saying no to a lot of work now. At that time, it worked in my favour. The audience gets bored. I can never replicate the success of Gandii Baat. There will be too much pressure on me that if I don’t do it as well, then I am done,” says Saini.

She proceeds to call it boring, doing the same kind of role over and over again, and also said, “I started my career from the south. I want to do a role which I haven’t got till date. I guess I am lucky that I don’t have any monetary pressure. If it was there, I wouldn’t have been able to do this.”