Fahadh Faasil hints to the third instalment of Allu Arjun’s Pushpa

Fahad Faasil while promoting his upcoming movie Malayankunju said that there was no part 1 or 2 when he was initially offered the Pushpa with Allu Arjun, and that director Sukumar has enough scope and material for Pushpa 3.


One Malayalam actor, Fahadh Faasil, is well renowned for excelling in every character, whether it be that of the protagonist or the antagonist. is occupied with marketing his forthcoming film Malayankunju. He revealed a lot of intriguing information about the follow-up to Allu Arjun’s box office hit Pushpa: The Rise at the promotional events and even made hints about the third installment.

When he was first given the movie, there was no part 1 or part 2, according to Fahadh Faasil. “The first scene that was narrated to me was the scene in the police station. When I was first offered this film, there was no Pushpa 1 and 2. That scene led to an interval break and then came my promotion in the movie.” said the actor.

Sukumar decided to alter the idea and divide the film into two because he believed that Pushpa Raj’s tale was too extensive for one film. Fahadh also disclosed that Sukumar originally intended for it to be a web series, but it ended up being a movie. He further added,  “Sukumar sir (earlier) wanted to make a series for Netflix on red sandalwood. Recently when I spoke with him, he said we have scope for Pushspa 3 also. We have so much material.”


According to a source, Pushpa: The Rule will be released in August.  “The movie is now scheduled to go on floors by August with a prolonged schedule spanning for over 6 months. Multiple action scenes will be shot, and the ones designed so far are said to be among the costliest ever for Indian cinema,” revealed the source.