Check out some worst flight fight viral videos of 2022


Indians have proudly represented themselves in air travel in the past couple of days, due to two embarrassing incidences of verbal and physical fights. While the IndiGo trip from Istanbul to New Delhi had a passenger calling a flight attendant a “servant” and then getting a taste of his own medicine, the more recent Thai Smile flight saw two males raising their hands at each other while saying “haath neeche kar”. Let’s take a look at some worst flight fights viral videos of 2022.

Street fight onboard a Thai Smile flight

The most recent addition to this list is a Thai Smile flight from Bangkok to Kolkata on December 26. Surprisingly, no Thai Smile Airways flight attendants were directly engaged in this incident. Rather, it was a full-fledged brawl between the passengers themselves.


Pilot vs Actor

Aarya Babbar is a Punjabi-Hindi actor who flew on Go First (Go Air) in February. The pilot said that Babbar mocked him by saying, “ye kya Chalaega.” Babbar defended himself by claiming he was just talking to a friend, but the pilot was understandably offended.


Indigo Air Hostess Vs Passenger

Another viral incident from last December’s Istanbul to Delhi flight, in which a passenger and an air attendant engaged in a verbal fight.

California man punches American Airlines flight attendant

Over coffee, an unruly passenger called Alexander Tung Cuu Le punched an air crewmate in the back of the head. This happened on American Airlines Flight 377 in September.