An emergency landing is made by an IndiGo flight from Sharjah to Hyderabad in Karachi, Pakistan

Another aircraft will be sent to Karachi by IndiGo. In the past two weeks, Karachi has seen the landing of two Indian airlines.


The pilot of low-cost airline IndiGo reported a mechanical issue with the aircraft, which is currently being inspected at the airport, and the flight from Sharjah to Hyderabad was diverted to Karachi in Pakistan. According Indian news agency ANI, the airline intends to deploy a second aircraft to Karachi. In the past two weeks, Karachi has seen the landing of two Indian airlines.

“After the pilot of the Sharjah-Hyderabad flight observed a technical defect in the aircraft, as a precaution the aircraft was diverted to Karachi, Pakistan. An additional flight is being sent to Karachi to fly the passengers to Hyderabad,” IndiGo airlines said in a statement.

Earlier, on July 5, SpiceJet, a rival of IndiGo, had to reroute an aircraft from Delhi to Dubai to Karachi because the fuel indicator had begun to malfunction. Around 9:15 am, the Boeing 737 Max airliner made an emergency landing at the Karachi airport after the Pakistani Civil Aviation Authorities had allowed the Indian plane to do so for humanitarian reasons at Jinnah International Airport.


Following at least eight incidences of mechanical issues with SpiceJet’s aircraft since June 19, the DGCA sent a show-cause notice to the airline on July 6.

The oversight body for aviation claimed that the low-cost carrier had “failed” to set up dependable, efficient, and safe flight services.

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) said on Friday that an IndiGo flight from Delhi to Vadodara was diverted to Jaipur on Friday due to engine vibrations that were briefly noticed. According to them, the Thursday event is being looked upon by the DGCA.

According to the officials, after briefly noticing engine vibrations on IndiGo’s Delhi-Vadodara flight, which was being flown on an Airbus A320neo on Thursday, the pilots chose to divert to Jaipur out of caution.

Around 8.30 p.m., the aeroplane touched down at Jaipur Airport.

In a statement, the airline said, “IndiGo flight 6E-859, operating between Delhi and Vadodara, was diverted to Jaipur on 14 Jul, 2022. There was a caution message indicated to the pilot enroute.”

“As a precaution, the pilot diverted the aircraft to Jaipur for further checks. The passengers were accommodated on an alternate aircraft for their onward journey,” it added.