Check out some exercises to calm yourself before exams


The end of the semester is approaching, and your forthcoming exam date is getting closer and closer. It may appear difficult to be cool and comfortable before your exam, but it is not as difficult as you may think. Take a look at some exercises to calm yourself before exams.

1. Picture a good outcome

Consider yourself passing the exam with high marks. Consider no worst-case scenarios. Consider achieving a good grade on an exam or reaching a certain GPA before the end of the semester.


2. Breathe deeply

Belly breathing is a quick and simple technique to relax. Place your left hand over your stomach and your right hand over your heart as you sit or lie down. Breathe deeply through your nose while pulling your stomach forward with your left hand. Then, exhale through puckered lips, allowing your left hand to sink in with your stomach. Try this method at least three times to see if you notice any differences.

3. Meditate mindfully

Mindfulness meditation allows you to focus on the present moment. Choose a comfy spot to sit and breathe. Instead of stressing about your exam as you meditate, concentrate on the present moment.

4. Do relaxing yoga poses

The lotus pose is a simple and soothing technique to calm yourself. Look for a flat, open space where you may sit comfortably. Fold your legs inward so that your left foot is on top of your right thigh and your right ankle is over your left thigh. Take a few deep breaths before switching your legs around.