Bill Gates owns shares of THESE companies too

Companies owned by Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft.


Bill Gates is a very renowned personality and is an inspiration for everyone. He is the first person who comes into our mind when we talk about technology and wealth.

A lot of people just know him to be the owner of Microsoft but not everyone knows that Bill Gates has a lot companies. He is currently the third-richest man in the world, with his net worth estimated to be around USD $146 billion.

Let us know about his other companies one by one:


1. Berkshire Hathaway, Inc.:

Bill Gates Foundation’s investment portfolio has this company as the largest holding among all his invested companies. The Foundation has nearly 40 million shares of Berkshire Hathaway which has a market value of over $7 billion.

2. Waste Management, Inc.:

The second-largest holding in the Foundation’s portfolio, is Waste Management, Inc., with a market value of $1.97 billion. The Foundation holds over 18.6 million shares in Waste Management.

3. Canadian National Railway Company:

This company is the third-largest holding in the Foundation’s portfolio. It has a market value of $1.51 billion with which the foundation has over 17.1 million shares.

4. Caterpillar Inc.:

This company is the fourth-largest holding in Bill Gates’ Foundation portfolio. It has a market value of more than $1.42 billion, with which the Foundation holds over 11.2 million shares.

5. Walmart Inc.:

This is the fifth-largest holding on our list in the Foundation’s portfolio. It is a retailing giant and stores, which operates worldwide.

6. Crown Castle International:

This company operates as a real estate investment trust. It owns cell phone towers with small cells where larger towers are not feasible, and fibre connections for data transmission.

7. Ecolab:

Ecolab which means Economic Laboratory is a great industry leader which generates roughly $15 billion annually. Bill Gates has a percentage portfolio of 3.9% in Ecolab.

8. FedEx:

This company provides domestic and international shipping and delivery services. The foundation has a percentage portfolio of 3.5%.

9. United Parcel Service:

It is a logistic and package delivery company that offers services to the public including transportation, distribution, ground freight, ocean freight, insurance and financing. Bill Gates’ Foundation holds a percentage portfolio of 3.4% in this company.

10. Coca-Cola FEMSA SAB:

This company is responsible for the production, marketing and distribution of Coca-Cola beverages. The foundation owns 1.1%.

11. Schrödinger Inc.:

It is a health care technology company that operates with the aim to accelerate drug delivery in internally and externally. Bill Gates foundation has a share of 1.1% in this company.

12. Apple, Inc.:

This company makes the best-selling smartphone in the world; the iPhone. Apple has generated a revenue of $274.5 billion over the year, representing a percentage of 5.5 increased as compared to other years.