Vijay Deverakonda meets a female fan, gives her a hug as she shows his portrait tattoo

The Arjun Reddy actor is gaining admiration online for his kind response to the female admirer who got a tattoo of his picture.


There is no doubting that Vijay Deverakonda, the darling of the South, has a sizable female fan base. The actor just brightened a female fan’s day by meeting her in person, hugging her, and seeing the beautiful tattoo she got for him. He hugged her when she got emotional upon seeing him. The female fan could not believe that she would eventually get to meet her idol. The Liger star is gaining admiration online for his kind act toward his admirer.

According to the video, it appears that Vijay Deverakonda chose to meet the female fan in person since he already knew that she had a tattoo of him on her back. The fan’s excitement and disbelief upon witnessing the celebrity were contagious. The actor embraced, hugged, complimented the female fan on her tattoo, and they also snapped a couple of photographs together.

On Twitter, a video of Vijay Deverakonda interacting with the female fan and brightening her day has surfaced. On social media, it is currently gaining popularity. It’s true that Vijay has delighted his admirers in a similar manner before. He has always cooperated with their wishes since he enjoys having his fans nearby.