Uorfi Javed responds to Ameesha Patel’s comment regarding gay-lesbianism content on OTT platforms- Read


Ameesha Patel recently made a statement in an interview about the content on social media and that has created a buzz over the internet. The comment has affected many in general while Uorfi Javed also reacted to her words by posting a story on Instagram and calling her a bitter person.

Uorfi Javed took to her official handle and posted a clip about the interview and penned down a note saying, “What is actually gayism, lesbianism? Keep your children away from it? So when she said ‘kaho na Pyar hai’ she meant only straight people. Public figures speaking without educating themselves on such sensitive topics really irks me! Not getting work for 25 years has made her into a very bitter person.”

Recently, Ameesha Patel was caught up in an interview for the promotion of Gadar 2 with Bollywood Hungama and stated that how content on OTT platforms is all about gay-lesbianism and the masses are craving clean entertainment. She said, “People are waiting for good, clean cinema. The era where you could make cinema that a grandchild could sit and watch with a grandparent is completely missing. OTT for sure doesn’t give you that. Because OTT is full of, homosexuality, gay-lesbianism. Scenes where you have to cover your kids’ eyes or actually put a child lock on your television so they can’t access those platforms. It’s not something you want your kids to watch.”


Her words have been opposed by many as people on Twitter tagged her while stating that if she doesn’t like OTT she should switch it off and also commented against her views. The actress will be returning to the big screens with the sequel of Gadar alongside Sunny Deol. The film is slated to release on the 11th of August.